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Insurance QA Audit Solutions for Claims and Underwriting Reviews
We partner with our clients to deliver QA Audit Solutions for Insurance Claims and Underwriting Reviews

Have you outgrown your QA system?

Insurers rely on their Quality Assurance program for a clear picture of employee performance. However, QA results may be limited by a system that can't keep up with organizational growth, process changes, and fluid business needs. As a result, managers lack the essential information they need to control Claims leakage and Underwriting risk.

If this is your QA challenge, Athenium's teamthink technology is the answer.

Get the solution you won't outgrow.

  • Adapt the system to your requirements. Quickly adjust to new requirements by modifying existing questionnaires and reports or creating totally new ones.
  • Maintain a streamlined QA process. Raise reviewer productivity and accuracy, while meeting your dynamic QA goals.
  • Benefit from our expertise. Profit from our years of experience developing innovative solutions for leading insurers worldwide.
  • Gain Control: Minimize IT involvement, making revisions on your own or with Athenium's knowledgeable support professionals.

Surpass your expectations.

  • Get comprehensive real-time results. Get all
    the information you need, when you need it, for
    timely insight into where performance falls short.
  • Go deeper. Identify the root causes of key issues
    to determine where to best focus your attention.
  • Create a unified system. Integrate data from headquarters, field offices, and lines of business
    into one system for efficient QA audits and comprehensive results.
  • Identify financial impact. Let financial outcomes inform your decision-making by linking issues directly to their effect on leakage and risk.

Maximize the value of QA.

Go beyond the limitations of your current QA system and drive performance improvement across your Claims and Underwriting organizations. Talk to Athenium and learn how teamthink performance improvement solutions can deliver the greatest value for your technology investment.

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