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Insurance QA Audit Solutions for Claims and Underwriting Reviews

Athenium has a solution that accommodates most environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can teamthink work in my company?
    In insurance, teamthink is used for underwriting and claims reviews in many lines of business, including Auto, Liability, Property, and Workers Comp. teamthink is also used for audits in Vendor Management, Legal Services, Call Center Performance, Regulatory Compliance, and Best Practices Monitoring. The software is extremely flexible and has many other applications.

  • Is the teamthink tool customizable?
    Yes! While teamthink is primarily used for claims and underwriting audits, it is not limited to just those practices. We have template questionnaires and stock reports that help your team get started, but they can be customized to address your organizationís specific needs.

  • What are the system requirements for Athenium's teamthink software solutions?
    A web browser and an Internet connection are all your users will need to do reviews in teamthink . Administrative tasks are also done via a web browser. Questionnaire authoring, typically done by a very small team, uses teamthink Expert, Athenium's questionnaire authoring tool on a Microsoft Windows operating system.

  • Who hosts the application and data?
    The teamthink application and data can be hosted by Athenium or by you. Currently, all of our customers have chosen to have Athenium be the host in a carrier class data center with redundant Internet and power feeds. This allows our clients to limit IT and maintenance costs and results in a far quicker deployment process. Athenium maintains a completely isolated and secure teamthink environment for each customer. This model provides excellent speed and reliability to clients nationwide and internationally.

  • Who in my organization will do the teamthink reviews?
    Your specific business processes determine who your reviewers are. The questionnaire leads them to discover where best practices have and have not been properly applied. The typical teamthink reviewer is a supervisor or a member of the quality assurance team.

  • How long will it take to have the teamthink system running at my company?
    The process varies depending on the size and complexity of different organizations, but three months is typical.

  • Who has access to reports?
    Access to reports depends on your organization's needs. You have the capability to determine different authorization levels, with individuals having access to more, less, or simply different information.

  • Can the system handle our load of reviewers and reviews?
    Yes! We are able to host and store millions of live cases on our system.

  • How hard is it to maintain and manage the questionnaire?
    Once the questionnaires are in production, questions may be added, removed, or changed at any time by an individual from your organization or by Athenium Services staff. Changes to the questionnaires will not compromise previously collected data; data remains accessible across all time periods.

  • Is the system compatible with other languages and currencies?
    Yes! In fact, we currently have working questionnaires in many different languages. Examples include but are not limited to: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, and Japanese. We also support different currencies. teamthink is being used in 25 different countries worldwide.