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Insurance QA Audit Solutions for Claims and Underwriting Reviews

Quality assurance drives quality results.

teamthink Performance Improvement Solutions
Optimize your Claims and Underwriting QA review processes for insights that no other solution can offer.

As insurance organizations change and grow, their quality assurance systems are often unable to keep pace. Highly skilled QA reviewers and managers may spend endless time measuring, analyzing, and reporting -- leaving them little time for their other responsibilities. Equally frustrating, QA systems may not provide the information they really need to make a significant impact on the organization.

If you're in this situation, you are most likely looking to replace inefficient spreadsheets, databases, and legacy QA systems with a complete streamlined solution that handles greater volume and complexity. teamthink is highly scalable, delivers reliable results, and has the flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of insurance organizations. Our comprehensive measurement, analysis, and reporting solutions give you ready access to actionable information that benefits QA, business managers, and the organization as a whole.

  • Improve your QA results with rapid implementation, flexibility, and security:
    • Install teamthink quickly, with little or no involvement from IT.
    • Integrate data from Claims, Underwriting, and other organizational sources.
    • Trust that your information is complete, accurate, and secure.
    • Use a single customizable solution for all divisions and lines of business.

  • Utilize your quality assurance information to its fullest potential:
    • Easily track team and individual performance against organizational goals.
    • Identify critical quality issues and root causes to determine areas requiring attention.
    • Conduct consistent reviews by central QA and field offices.
    • Ensure integrity and calibration with secondary file reviews.
    • Provide detailed, targeted feedback that leads to performance improvement.
    • Quantify the financial outcomes of individual and team performance.

  • Use relevant reports for informed decision-making:
    • View detailed, customizable reports that display performance data for individuals and groups.
    • Receive accurate, quantifiable information based on your specified criteria.
    • Generate reports on-demand, or distribute automated scheduled reports.
    • Control access to information as appropriate.

  • Enjoy benefits that support your company's bottom-line goals:
    • Significantly reduce leakage, control losses, and reduce risk.
    • Enhance and leverage QA reviews for systematic performance improvement.
    • Strengthen customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty.
    • Understand the impact of behaviors on financial outcomes.
Video Demos:

File Reviews: Efficient Process, Comprehensive Results

Reporting: Convenient, Insightful Analysis

The complete QA solution for Claims and Underwriting